Sizing & Care


Cherry Swim Australia uses Australian standard sizing. Please refer to the chart below to get the most accurate guide for your size, but please note, each suit is different and you should look at the size guide of each suit itself which is featured on their individual webpage. 

How To Measure

Holding the tape securely, measure around four key points.

1. BUST. Over the fullest area of the bust & straight around the back
2. UNDER-BUST. Directly under the bust & straight around the back
3. WAIST. The waist is below the abdomen between the rib cage and hips
4. HIP. The fullest part of the hip ensuring the tape is straight around the body

To ensure long lasting quality, we recommend the following:

  • Hand wash with fresh cold water immediately after use.
  • Do not machine wash using chemical detergents. This can result in the texture on the hand feeling more rough. If you do use a detergent, we recommend a natural one, with no moisturisers.
  • Sun cream, tanning lotion, oils, or chlorine can damage and discolour swimwear, so use please caution when using these in our products.

Cherry Swim Australia does not take any responsibility for any damage made to swim due to poor care and handling.